I’m a very PROUD & HAPPY Petite Plus size woman!!

I have fallen in love with the woman who God has designed me to be. My body is perfect just for me! I have learned to accept that I’m unique & I’m not like other people. My flaws have allowed me to embrace everything with pure grace. My smile is something that I take pride in because it is generated from deep within! 

I’m a mother of 5, a devoted wife, a proud stepmother and a Mee’ma to a little boy who has stolen my heart. 

I’m also a Plus Size model, Actress and Entrepreneur. (There are some other titles too…lol)

My passion in this life is to encourage people to LOVE who they are. I take total pride in knowing I’m able to help the next woman reach her goal of building her confidence and knowing her value and self worth. Self love is the main key to unlocking one’s true and full potentinal in the life.

I started my business because I had a true need to help build other people up. It all began when I first stepped into modeling. It was my first time feeling like my life counted and I was important. I remember standing on stage after completing a speech that I had been practicing on SELF LOVE. I knew right then and there, Self Love needs to be taught to women across the world and I was the woman who was going to do it.

I have gone from having a baby at the tender age of 14 years old, to being homeless, living in a shelter with 4 children, broken, lonely, sad, uneducated, useless and angry, to living my best life, educated, happily married and devoted to Christ who has kept me through it all!

We all have gone through many things in this life. But it didn’t break us. It may have taken our focus off what we wanted to do or it may have left us feeling less confident.





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